Zuid-Holland. Article #43 Vol 12, pg 940.

Zuid-Holland (South Holland) can effectively argue for my attention in a number of different ways.  It’s home to the 4th largest port in the world (Rotterdam).  It includes some of the famous “flower fields“, home to acres of beautiful tulips.  Finally, it was the location of part of the famous Delta Works project, the goal of which was no less than to dam up a good portion of the Dutch coastline, putting an ends to centuries of devastating flooding.

0043-Gouda-SmThese are all amazing facts, any one of which may be enough to convince me to come for a visit.  But what really makes me sit up and take notice is that  Zuid-Holland is home to the city of Gouda, itself home to that most delectable of all cheeses–Gouda cheese.

How can I resist?  I’m slicing a piece immediately and looking into air fares.

“Zuid-Holland.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 12, pg 940.

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