Great Mogul Diamond

Great Mogul Diamond. Article #41 Vol 5, pg 446.

0041-GreatMogulDiamondThe Great Mogul Diamond was the largest diamond ever discovered in India.  Discovered in 1650, it was estimated at  780 carats as a rough stone and then very badly cut by a Venetian, who managed to whittle the stone down to a paltry 280 carats.  Still, a 280 carat diamond is nothing to sneeze at.  If it hadn’t disappeared, it would be the 6th largest cut diamond in the world today.

Unfortunately, the Great Mogul did disappear.  The Shah of Iran nabbed it when he invaded India in 1738, but the diamond somehow couldn’t be found after he was assassinated in 1747.

“Great Mogul Diamond.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 5, pg 546.

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