Carbet Mountains

Carbet Mountains. Article #40 Vol 2, pg 846.

There are a handful of things that we need to know before understanding exactly where (and what) the Carbet Mountains are.

0040-CarbetMountainsFor starters, we need to find the Caribbean Sea. (Hint–it’s near Florida). Next, we find the island chain known as the Lesser Antilles, located in the southeast part of the Caribbean, just above Venezuela. Finally, within the Antilles, we hunt down the island of Martinique. It’s located in the middle of the island chain, between Dominica and Saint Lucia.

Now we’re ready to learn that the Carbet Mountains are a small chain of mountains that runs down the length of the island. Technically, they’re a volcanic massif–which is just a fancy way of saying they all sit on the same little chunk of the earth’s crust and slide around together as a single unit.

“Carbet Mountains.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 2, pg 846.

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