Sports Medicine

sports medicine. Article #39 Vol 11, pg 177.

Here’s the basic idea of sports medicine (the four steps that comprise sports medicine today).

0039-sports-medicinePreparation of the athlete.  Focus on conditioning and training. Break it to the athlete that he’s going to suffer a horribly painful injury before his career is over.  (The horrible injury will actually be the reason that his career is over).

Prevention of illness or injury.  Have the athlete do some stretching and wear a good helmet. Admit to him that the helmet won’t do much to stop a charging lineman.

Diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury.  Take the athlete to the hospital. Admit to yourself and to the athlete that the first two steps did nothing to prevent this.

Rehabilitation.  Help the athlete find a new career. Good choices include selling stuff on infomercials, starring in fishing shows, or advising young kids to stay away from professional sports.

“sports medicine.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 11, pg 177.

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