Moche. Article #37. Vol 8, pg 212.

The Moche was a civilization that existed between the 1st and 8th century AD, along the north coast of Peru. The Moche culture existed as a series of independently ruled towns and cities in separate river valleys between the Andes mountains and the sea.

The Moche people used the streams flowing down from the Andes to create a series of canals, used for irrigation. They were farmers, growing mostly corn and beans.

0037-Moche-Pot3The Moche are also known for making clay water jars with a distinctive stirrup feature that served as the pot’s spout.

The Moche also built stepped pyramids, or huacas. The “Huaca del Sol” was the largest pre-Columbian structure built in the Americas.

There is evidence that the Moche engaged in the standard litany of pre-Columbian atrocities, including costumed priests standing on pyramids, ritualistic sacrifice of prisoners, and blood-drinking. I smell a future Mel Gibson film.

“Moche.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 8, pg 212.

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