gruiform. Article #35. Vol 5, pg 522.

The gruiformes are an order belonging to the class of Aves (birds) and consisting of 11 living families, with about 190 species spread across these families. (Kingdom-Phylum-Class-Order = Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Gruiformes)

0035-GruiformThe most well known of the gruiformes are probably cranes.  Cranes are known for their elaborate and graceful courtship dances, which include bowing, head bobbing and throwing twigs into the air in an attempt to impress the mate.

The gruiform order includes the families:

  • Limpkins (Aramidae)
  • Cranes (Gruidae)
  • Trumpeters (Psophiidae)
  • Rails, Gallinules, Coots (Rallidae)
  • Finfoots (Heliornithidae)
  • Cariamas (Cariamidae)
  • Sun Bitterns (Eurypgidae)
  • Mesites (Mesitornithidae)
  • Bustards (Otidae)
  • Otididae family
  • Kagus (Rhynochetidae)

“gruiform.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 5, pg 522.

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