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Carbet Mountains

Carbet Mountains. Article #40 Vol 2, pg 846. There are a handful of things that we need to know before understanding exactly where (and what) the Carbet Mountains are. For starters, we need to find the Caribbean Sea. (Hint–it’s near Florida). … Continue reading

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Sports Medicine

sports medicine. Article #39 Vol 11, pg 177. Here’s the basic idea of sports medicine (the four steps that comprise sports medicine today). Preparation of the athlete.  Focus on conditioning and training. Break it to the athlete that he’s going to … Continue reading

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Baron Johan August Gripenstedt

Gripenstedt, Johan August, Friherre. Article #38. Vol 5, pg 505. Baron (Friherre) Johan August Gripenstedt (1813-1874) was a Swedish politician who served as Minister of Finance for ten years (1856-1866) and Member of Parliament for six years (1867-1873). Gripenstedt was a … Continue reading

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Moche. Article #37. Vol 8, pg 212. The Moche was a civilization that existed between the 1st and 8th century AD, along the north coast of Peru. The Moche culture existed as a series of independently ruled towns and cities in … Continue reading

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chinoiserie. Article #36. Vol 3, pg 241. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  But sometimes imitation goes beyond duplication and leads to the evolution of something entirely new. That’s the case with the decorative style known as chinoiserie, a French … Continue reading

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gruiform. Article #35. Vol 5, pg 522. The gruiformes are an order belonging to the class of Aves (birds) and consisting of 11 living families, with about 190 species spread across these families. (Kingdom-Phylum-Class-Order = Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Gruiformes) The most well known of the gruiformes … Continue reading

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Samuel Kirkland

Kirkland, Samuel. Article #34. Vol 6, pg 890. Samuel Kirkland (1741-1808), was an American minister and missionary to the Iroquois before and during the American Revolutionary War.  He was a friend to the Oneida and Tuscarora nations and, working for General … Continue reading

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