Henri-Jules de Bourbon, 5e prince de Condé

Condé, Henri-Jules de Bourbon, 5e prince de. Article #12. Vol 3, pg 520.

It’s guys like this that explain the French revolution.  Henri-Jules lived from 1643-1709 and was the 5th Prince of Condé, a royal title held by members of the House of Bourbon in France.  Henri-Jules held his title from 1686 to 1709.

0012-HenriJules-CropAll of this is well and good.  Henri-Jules is only the first of many Bourbons that we’ll run into.  What’s a little scary is how he is described.  In addition to being a military failure, he was “eccentric, given to malicious practical jokes, and a terror to his wife and children”.  Ouch.

Just what sort of malicious practical jokes does a 17th century French nobleman engage in?  Pulling the pins out of somebody else’s armor?  Setting up a family guillotine?  Insisting that your family is of Irish descent?

“Condé, Henri-Jules de Bourbon, 5e prince de.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 3, pg 520.

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