Oral Stage

oral stageArticle #10. Vol. 8, pg 976.

Freud said that the oral stage was the first phase of a child’s psychosexual development, when the child explores the world by putting everything in its mouth.  Everybody knows that babies put stuff in their mouths.  Freud says that this as a sexual act, in that the mom’s breast is the first target of the baby’s developing sexual energy.

Yikes.  Has anyone ever taken Psych 101 and not immediately thought that Freud was full of shit?

0010-OralStageBabies put everything in their mouth because it’s their most highly developed sensory area.  They don’t yet have the fine motor skills to manipulate things with their fingers or to explore an object using their fingertips.  So into the mouth it goes.

Sorry Dr. Freud, it’s that simple.  Oh and the breast thing?  That’s how they eat.

“oral stage.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 8, pg 967.

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