NāgercoilArticle #11. Vol 8, pg 483.

Nāgercoil is a city at the southernmost tip of India whose name means “snake temple”, deriving from “Nagaraja”, which is Sanskrit for “king of snakes”.  Nagaraja is apparently a five-headed serpent deity.  Or possibly it’s the thousand-headed snake upon which Lord Vishnu rests.  It’s a little unclear, since Britannica doesn’t elaborate and sources on the web point in a number of directions.

0011-NagercoilOne thing is certain.  Worshipping a five-headed snake god is wicked cool and a story worthy of inclusion in a Harry Potter novel.  I wonder if the residents of Nāgercoil know about Parseltongue.

“Nāgercoil.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 8, pg 483.


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