invertebrate. Article #2. Vol. 6, pg 363.

Today I learned that more than 90% of all living animals are invertebrates.  Since I associate mostly with humans, dogs, and the occasional cat, I figured that most of us in the animal kingdom had backbones.  Apparently, however, we backboners (or “vertebrates”) are in the minority

0002-InvertebrateGiven the preponderance of creatures without backbones, it’s quite an injustice that Britannica gives our invertebrate bretheren only 1/4 of a column.  You might be thinking that this is only because the term invertebrate is too broad, taxonomically speaking, to go into any real detail.  I would just point out that Britannica gives we vertebrates a full column.  (Vol. 12, pg 332).  I guess that until our gelatinous friends make some real advances in the arts or the sciences, they can expect continued snubs by the backbone-dominated Britannica editorial staff.

Visit invertebrates at Wikipedia.

“invertebrate.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 6, pg 363.

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