Alberto Moravia

Moravia, Alberto.  Article #1.  Vol. 8, pg 310.  

Here we go.  My first Britannica article, intelligently chosen for me by my handy-dandy new Britannica-random-article-picking spreadsheet.

Already I’m learning stuff I didn’t know.  Book lover that I am, I’d never heard of Moravia (1907-1990), who was apparently a famous 20th century Italian author.

MORAVIA AlbertoAlberto was known for his portrayals of loveless sexuality, which I suppose you might guess just by looking at his photo.

Like all great artists, Moravia’s art seems to come from great tragedy.  In his case, he contracted Tuberculosis at age 8 and spent several years confined to bed and/or a sanatorium.  Yikes.  Okay, that might also explain his tendency to write about “emotional aridity, isolation, and existential frustration”.  With a past like that, even Leo Buscaglia would have written about existential frustration.

For more information:

“Moravia, Alberto.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 2010. Vol 8, pg 310.


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