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personality. Article #33. Vol 9, pg 312. Simply put, a person’s personality is a description of the way that the person thinks, acts and feels. The science of personality, however, goes far beyond a simple description.  We tend to act in … Continue reading

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espionage. Article #32. Vol 4, pg 561. You can make anything sound sophisticated just by using a French word for it.  Take the word “espionage”.  When we describe it as “obtaining secret information by means of secret agents or monitoring devices”, … Continue reading

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quinine. Article #31. Vol 9, pg 862. Quinine, used to treat Malaria, has the distinction of being the first chemical compound to be successfully used to treat an infectious disease.  Quinine is made from the bark of the Cinchona tree and was … Continue reading

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University College

university college. Article #30. Vol 12, pg 186. In the British educational system, a university college is an institution that teaches college courses but does not itself award degrees to the students.  Instead, another university awards the degrees. “university college.” Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. … Continue reading

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Zuiderzee. Article #29. Vol 12, pg 940. With 20% of their country being below sea level, the Dutch have always had to fight to keep the North Sea out. In the 13th century, a large marshy area in the north part … Continue reading

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Local Group

Local Group. Article #28. Vol 7, pg 431. The term “local” is clearly relative.  In the context of the astronomical term “local group”, the term “local” doesn’t refer to your neighborhood, your city, country, or even your own solar system.  “Local … Continue reading

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Felix Mottl

Mottl, Felix. Article #27. Vol 8, pg 369. Felix Mottl (1856-1911) was a Austrian conductor, best known for conducting the operas of Richard Wagner.  He was the conductor at the Karlsruhe Opera from 1882 to 1903.  While there, he was known … Continue reading

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